Scarborough/Markham Full Mouth Reconstruction

We are all born with beautiful, healthy, radiant smiles. However, due to genetics, lack of maintenance and proper hygiene, or traumas and accidents, we fail at keeping that beautiful smile and hence worsen our eating and speaking habits as well as our overall lifestyle. From time to time, a patient will hear recommendations from their dentist regarding full mouth reconstruction. What exactly does this entail? Full mouth reconstruction is probably the highest caliber of dentistry that your dentist is able to offer you in terms of enhancing your lifestyle. At Dr. Sunny Yuen’s dental office, we will look at your mouth “as a whole”. Dr. Yuen must first take detail records of your case by taking radiographs, numerous photographs and models, wax-up (so you can have an idea what you might look like) and make recommendation regarding your case.

In such scenario, Dr. Yuen demonstrates excellent dentistry skills because not only does he know how to place implants, crown-bridges and braces, and possesses surgical skills to perform gum grafts, bone grafts and flap surgeries, he’s also an expert in putting “everything together” so that your teeth are in harmony with each other, or dentally speaking “ideal occlusion/bite”. With his careful assessment and diagnosis, you can rest assured that you’ll “own” a stable, beautiful & functional smile for life.

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